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Living Dead Girl

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27th December 2005

12:45am: Alice manages to make it back, how she's not exactly sure. She has no idea where she's been or why she left in the first place or even where she's at now. The last thing she clearly remembers is being in the kitchen with one of the Riddicks and Leela, after that everything's gone. Everything. That memory brings up yet another question, who are Riddick and Leela? She puts her hand to her forehead as she walks up the stairs leading to her room. Her room? At least whatever happened she seems to have survived it with enough sense to know how to get back here. Hopefully wherever here is, is safe.
Current Mood: confused

6th December 2005

1:20am: One day I promise I will actually do something besides taking quizes... really!

Snagged from Frost...

Damn... And Zane, where's my share of the cash!?!Collapse )
Current Mood: blah

29th November 2005

10:57pm: Once again I am a sheep... snagged from Zane... I need to get a hobby!

Survey thing ahead...Collapse )
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27th November 2005

3:36am: Curiouser and Curiouser
Because of a conversation I was involved in earlier got me thinking, I went out and had a picture of me taken. But now it's got me wondering if I would have been sexier in it if I had gigantic gazongas? Maybe I should have gotten implants on the way...

Before you get too giddy... I'm not nude in it!Collapse )
Current Mood: curious

26th November 2005

2:46am: Alice leaves the Nexus and goes back to Leela's house. She starts pacing in the kitchen wondering what's up. Did she somehow offend the other woman unknowingly? Maybe she's in trouble and needs her help? A thousand questions cross her mind and that just makes her more nervous. When she thinks she's wearing a groove in the floor she stops and starts pacing in a different spot.
Current Mood: anxious

25th November 2005

11:52pm: Because I am a sheep... swiped from several people.

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
See alice_abernathy's results.Collapse )
Current Mood: naughty

24th November 2005

4:40am: Post #21
After her date, Alice spent most of her time either on the outskirts of the Nexus or shopping. It was nice and she had a good time doing all three. Once she made it back to Leela's place... well her home now too. She wrote a quick note explaining where she'd been and apologizing for not telling anybody she’d be gone and left it on bar in the kitchen before going upstairs and taking a quick shower then going to bed.
Current Mood: accomplished

18th November 2005

7:31pm: Post #20
Alice wanders back into her room and dumps another armload of pamphlets onto her bed and sits down beside them. Well the plan to go back to store number what-the-fuck-ever had to be scrapped because of an unexpected raid by the police. Not that she was there when it happened; she was halfway down the street to the place when it was suddenly was swarming with cops. Naturally she decided that store wasn’t going to be the one to get Leela’s money. But she couldn’t deny the slight thrill she got when she saw the grabby salesperson get taken away in handcuffs. It felt a bit like karmic justice.

She pushes the pamphlets aside and lays down, deciding that a quick nap was in order. Hell it’s Friday, tonight she has plans to go out and have some fun.
Current Mood: mischievous

13th November 2005

11:33pm: Because I'm in a meme kind of mood...

Choose a band/or artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band:: AC/DC

Are you female or male:: Girl's Got Rhythm
Describe yourself:: Can't Stand Still
How do some people feel about you:: R.I.P.
How do you feel about yourself:: If You Want Blood (You've Got It)
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:: What Do You Do For Money Honey
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:: (not really relevant despite rumors to the contary but... if I have to pick a song that I'd want to describe a future boyfriend... ) You Shook Me All Night Long
Describe where you want to be:: Rockin' In The Parlour
Describe what you want to be:: Hell Or High Water
Describe how you live:: High Voltage
Describe how you love:: Shake Your Foundations
Share a few words of wisdom:: Ain't No Fun (Waiting Round To Be A Millionaire)
Current Mood: awake

10th November 2005

10:55pm: Snagged from Leela

If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought?

(Post this in your LJ and find out what mine would be.)
Current Mood: bored

9th November 2005

7:03pm: Post #19
After a quick shower Alice regretfully puts on the same clothes that she wore yesterday. Later, she plans on sneaking back into the hotel and getting some clothes, hopefully he won’t be there. She runs her hands through her wet hair then straightens up the bathroom, wiping the drops of water off of the floor then throwing the towels and wash rags in the hamper. Once she’s all done she takes a quick look around and nods once. Everything looks okay. She’s still not sure how she got here exactly but then again a lot of things from the past few days are fuzzy. But that’s all beside the point, there’s no need to be a slob and take advantage of the hospitality she’s been offered.

Me and the bathroom are c-lean! Okay, here’s the plan, go back to my… the room and tidy that up too then hunt up some food before I start gnawing on a door frame or something.

She practically tip toes back to the room, it’s not that she’s afraid of anybody catching her; it’s more along the lines that she doesn’t want to disturb anybody. Her stomach starts growling as she makes the bed and that makes her work faster. She feels like she could take on the worlds but she’s ravenous! She smoothes the wrinkles out of the bed covers than heads back out into the hallway and down the stairs. She vaguely remembers that she was in a kitchen once and she’s pretty sure it’s still there.
Current Mood: cheerful
4:04am: Post #18
[[Locked against the Riddicks]]

Alice waits until she can’t hear Leela’s footsteps anymore then takes her paper and pen out of her pocket. She pushes herself off the bed and walks over to the window. She sits down on the sill and starts scribbling.

What a difference a day makes, I’m… safe. Funny how such a small word feels so big. Gratitude does too. I keep expecting Leela to say, “Yeah I’m helping you now but… in return you’ve got to go kill so and so for me.” Sad thing is, depending on when she asked, I just might agree. That’s what I was… no I am not just a weapon. Thankfully I don’t think she’d ask that of me. Sleep… I should be sleeping now. So tired, this time I can’t even blame how I feel on it, just my own stubbornness.

She stops writing for a second and just looks outside. Peaceful… she shakes her head and starts scribbling again.

I always have to keep my control… would be nice for a little bit if I didn’t have to. But who am I kidding? Control is the name of the game. Play to win, win to play, play to live, and live to play… What the hell am I writing?! Okay... that’s enough thinking for one night, there’s a nice warm bed waiting for me… bed yeah, that’s the ticket… no dreams…

She stands up and slips the pen and paper into her pocket then slips out of her pants. She pads over to the chair and lays them over the back, she leans against it when the world suddenly goes fuzzy. Bringing a hand up to her forehead, she takes a few deep breaths and forces herself to focus. At least until she makes it into bed. She pushes herself away and makes her way around the room, cutting off all the lights as she stumbles along. Chuckling softly she slips under the cool covers, figuring that right now she probably looks just like one of the T-Virus zombies, minus the whole decaying flesh thing. She curls up under the sheets and is fast asleep before she can think of anything else.
Current Mood: exhausted

8th November 2005

3:36am: Post #17
[[locked against the Riddicks]]

After her talk with Leela, Alice wanders away from the Nexus. She walks aimlessly down back alleys, staying in the shadows, just thinking about everything. Sleep would be nice, but she doesn't want to go back to the hotel just yet. After about an hour of walking, she takes out the card she was given and starts fiddling with the edges.

I should call...

Even as that thought crosses her mind, she makes her way under a stairwell and sits down, hidden, she hopes, in the darkness. She slips the card back in her pocket as she draws her legs up to her chest. She wraps her arms around them, rests her chin on her knees and she mumbles as she drifts off to sleep,

"Yeah I should definitely call... nobody owns me."
Current Mood: tired

6th November 2005

10:21pm: Post #17
Alice stayed around the Nexus long enough to see that Jack's back safe and sound then faded back into the background. He was there, he'll make her stop... she doesn't want to stop. She likes feeling the way she's been feeling lately. She stops into her room long enough to take a quick shower than takes off again. Maybe it's time to see just what the virus can do...
Current Mood: crazy

5th November 2005

1:13am: Post #16
Note to self... Don't wear this around Riddick...Collapse )
Current Mood: devious

4th November 2005

4:13am: Post #15
Alice walks into her hotel room and looks around for him before dropping her bags and kicking the door closed. She grins when she doesn't see anybody, wonderful. She has a feeling that he's going to give her hell when or if he comes back. But that's okay, she's been watching the comings and goings of the Nexus and tonight she learned a great lesson. Yeah, she knows that she's going to feel guilty about what's happened in the past for a long time but... that doesn't mean that she can't at least try to start a new life here.

There's no Umbrella or hell any other company chasing after her, she's even getting used to the multi-Riddicks. Yeah she hears and sees things that may or might not be real, she'll learn to deal with that stuff as it comes. And yeah she definitely has a lot of unresolved issues with her Riddick, but she'll deal with those when she has to.

She talked to a woman, Leela, and it felt good to laugh for a change! So after she talked to her, she went shopping. And she didn't even feel the least bit guilty about borrowing more money. Who knew that all that security training would come in handy in starting a new life?

Alice kneels down beside her bags and starts pulling out the clothes she bought. She carries everything over to her bed and just dumps the stuff down, she decides to worry about putting everything up later. Granted this strange crazed feeling may be just a new effect of the virus but she feels good. She looks around the empty room and smiles.

"Nobody owns me!"
Current Mood: hopeful

2nd November 2005

4:03am: Post #14
Alice stares at the door for a few minutes when he walks out. This is a first, he actually left! She gets off the back of the couch and walks over to the door then locks both locks. He's got her all mixed up. She's happy, mad, pissed, and thrilled all at the same time that he just happened to choose the exact right moment to rescue her, again. Damn him and making her feel grateful to him! It would be so much easier dealing with everything if she hated him but noooooo...

"I really, really, really need to ask Jack if any of the Riddicks come with a manual!"

She growls softly as she wanders into the bathroom and strips off her clothes, tossing them aside. She sits on the edge of the tub before reaching over and turning on the hot water.

"I ought to tell him the other Riddick's been hitting on me, though it's not true but I'd tell him that just to see if that would piss him off. HA! Who am I kidding with my luck he'd suggest a threesome!"

When the water starts steaming, she turns on the cold water then leans over and puts the plug in. Alice gets up and starts pacing the room as she waits for the tub to fill up.

"Okay, here's the plan, soak until I turn into a prune, get some sleep than go out and see what's going on in the Nexus!"
Current Mood: good

1st November 2005

8:00pm: OOC, was tagged by Einie_the_Dog's mun
List five songs that you currently love. It doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the artists, and the songs in your blog. Then tag five other Livejournal friends to see what they're listening to.

Hell - Disturbed
Sink into the Underground - CKY
Decadence - Disturbed
Bound - Disturbed
I'm Alive - Disturbed
(yes indeed I'm addicted to Disturbed!)

Whoever wants to do this :D (OOC or IC, doesn't matter)
Current Mood: chipper
5:11am: Post 13
[[locked against the Riddicks ]]

Alice sneaks back inside the hotel room and looks over at her Riddick. 'I am not going to admit to him that I wouldn't trade him for the one I talked to tonight... no, no, no!'
Current Mood: tired
1:12am: Post #12
Alice sneaks outside when the Riddick staying in her room looks away for a second. Hopefully she'll be back before he notices that she's missing.

'I need some fresh air! Jack said the suns were real so that means besides the whole super me thing I can peek into peoples heads too! Great, too bad it didn't speak up when a Rain came over. I could have handled that better... but in my own defense I only knew my Rain for about three hours! Fuck it, I have enough problems dealing with one person named R!'

Alice shakes her head as she wanders aimlessly around the front of the hotel then decides to wander aimlessly at the Nexus.
Current Mood: cynical

30th October 2005

8:28pm: To party or not that is the question...
Alice grins as she sneaks back into her hotel room carrying a bag.

Somehow I managed to sneak out for a minute and while I was out I found this.

And she looks like me! I think if I go to the Halloween party... Now I just have to decide if I want to go.
Current Mood: calm
3:48am: [[locked against everybody ]]

'I don't know what I'm supposed to do... Rain seems to want me to be somebody I'm not and now here I am sitting on the couch trying not to look like I'm staring at him. Jack came by, seems Dick's armed and frankly that doesn't surprise me. Ever since I found him in the trashcan with the hamburger wrapper on his head he seems to think he's a little furry god. And Jack also says Rain wants to "break up" me and Riddick... Oh great. That worries me more than Dick's plots to blow up the multi-Riddicks. I wouldn't mind talking to her, listening to what she's been through and all but what she wants from me, I don't think I can give her. In fact I'm pretty sure I can't give her what she wants from me. Especially since he's found me... How sad is it that... I'm kind of glad he's ... no can't think that about him while he's standing right there. This isn't going to be easy. Okay enough spacing out... gotta pay attention.'
Current Mood: worried

28th October 2005

8:46pm: Post #11
*Alice's aimlessly pacing around her room. She's not sure what she needs to do beside find somebody to help her learn to control... whatever it is. The urge to just leave isn't quite as bad as it was since she's figured out that her Keeper most likely hasn't found her here yet but the two men that look and sound just like him still make her nervous enough to want to run. And that's not even mentioning the whole was that her Rain or... another problem. She's made it halfway around the room for the fifth time when she hears a knock on the door. She narrows her eyes and goes to the door. She peeks out the window next to it and blinks. Speak of the devil... She opens the door and cocks her brow.*

Rain... How'd you find me here?
Current Mood: surprised
3:17am: Post #10
Okay one last note before I pass out...

Claire and I spoke again tonight. It went better this time I think, but I'm sleepy so I can't be sure. I hope it did.

Note to me Claire said to look for a person named Nate Grey oh yeah, and another person suggested seeing if the three suns are symbolic, I certainly wish they are, the idea that those flying monsters are real... no don't want to go there.
Current Mood: sleepy
12:19am: Post #9
Insane... thought as much... though I don't think I'll be putting a gun to my head any time soon. But maybe I should re-think the whole "must not do whatever it is I can do until people scream and their eyes start bleeding" thing. Sometimes it's real tempting.
Current Mood: indifferent
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